Imagine being able to take your education profession to the next level by teaching in the United States, earning a US teaching salary, obtaining a US teaching certification, and being able to return to teach in an international or private school in your home country or pursuing an international teaching career after your time in the USA. Teachers Latin America would like to be your personal placement partner assisting you in making your transition to the USA a reality. One of our areas of specialty is the placement of quality teachers in United States schools. Our objective is cultural exchange by effectively connecting educators to schools and schools to educators.


  • A minimum of at least 2 years of K-12 teaching experience after having earned your Bachelor's degree
  • Advanced proficiency in English
  • Currently teaching in your home country
  • Equivalent of a United States Bachelor’s degree
  • Satisfactory background check
  • Non-US citizenship or residency


  • Evaluation by a credentialing expert of your college transcripts
  • Evaluation (and modification) if necessary of your CV
  • Initial vetting of resume and qualifications by Teachers Latin America
  • Skype interviews with prospective schools
  • Assistance with the application and visa and placement process from start to finish


Teachers Latin America will never ask you for any payments for this program.

There are some costs to be borne by the teacher, listed below. Some costs are eligible for reimbursement.


  • Airfare to the US plus and appropriate amount of US Dollars for relocation and living expenses. Successfully placed teachers can receive up to $750 USD in reimbursements for airfare.
  • Applicants to the Program may incur some personal costs to their collection of documents necessary to prove eligibility for a J-1 visa including credential evaluations ($150-$260), visa application fee (currently $160), proficiency tests related to certification (currently $90-$200), and criminal background check. These costs are directly associated to the candidate and may range in value depending on the country of origin and/or residency.


How will I become certified in the United States?

There are many opportunities for qualified international teachers to participate in a cultural exchange teaching program in the United States. In addition to visa requirements, foreign educators who work in public schools must also be certified in the state where they choose to work. In most instances, you will be required to pass one of more state-mandated tests. Prospective educators will also be asked to demonstrate their reading, writing, and speaking proficiency in the English language during their interviews. Through our specialists, we will guide you through necessary certification-related documents before you depart your home country for the United States.

How much money should I expect to make as a teacher in the US?

Teachers are paid on the same salary scale as an American teacher. This is dependent upon years of experience, degree level, and location of placement.

Teachers can expect to be paid a competitive salary commensurate with a US teacher.

What will be my return for this opportunity?

You will become a respected member of a professional team of educators in the highly sought after bilingual teaching profession. You will gain experience teaching with international colleagues, and receive significant professional development from top US education professionals that will elevate your career to new heights. Living and working in the USA will also afford you the opportunity to improve your English speaking and writing skills as well as appreciate US American culture that varies from state to state.

As an Exchange Visitor Program, we promote the cultural element of exchange as well. Our Teachers have the opportunity to be a cultural ambassador of their own country. Our teachers bring cultures from all over the world to American classrooms and then back home to their country.

Will I be under contract to a public or private school?

Public schools are funded by the US government and local taxes. Private or Independent schools are funded by school parents and other sources that are nongovernmental. We work with both, as well as charter schools.

Will my school-aged children be able to attend public schools in the US?

Yes! This applies to children in public schools from PreK through grades 12.

What can I expect to receive in benefits from the school to which I have been contracted?

This may vary by school district or private or independent school. Our teachers receive health insurance through the program, and our teachers are not eligible for retirement savings programs. The benefits they receive would include their salary and the paid sick days according to their school policy. All our teachers are paid on the same salary scale as American teachers. This is dependent upon years of experience, degree level, and location of placement. Teaching is a respected profession in the US and educators are treated accordingly. Often schools encourage educators to take workshops, classes, or attend conferences to enhance their credentials as educators.


To get started, simply register as an educator from the top of any page at the Login button. From there, a Teachers Latin America program specialist will review your profile and make contact with you for more information or to start the process.

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