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According to ISC Research in 2016 there are currently 8,257 international schools in the world with 4.2 million children in attendance. There are hundreds of international and private bilingual schools in Latin America. Most were established to serve the families of international citizens working abroad and offer a great option for teaching overseas.
Latin American schools hold many opportunities because of the attractiveness of the region to foreign investment, its proximity to the United States, as well as it being a haven for expats. Many types of curriculum are used in these schools from US, British, French, German as well as the ever-growing International Baccalaureate (IBO). Also, because Latin America attracts many young teachers, opportunities abound to get experience in a new curriculum or as an administrator. These experiences will serve you well whether you decide to go back to your country of origin or you seek adventure teaching in other international schools around the world.


The majority of these schools are private, non-profit institutions with considerable parental involvement in their governance. Almost all offer instruction in the English language and there are usually US and Canadian-trained teachers represented in most international and blingual school faculty.

Most schools tend to pay staff teaching abroad sufficiently to provide both an opportunity for saving and a reasonable standard of living in the host country. Books, computers, science equipment, and other resources vary widely among these schools. Some schools provide their international teaching staff free housing, insurance, and travel expenses to your point of origin each summer along with other benefits such as tuition or partial tuition for dependent children, and opportunities for professional development. Others may offer only a subsistence salary and basic travel costs. The variety of choices in schools is large.

Keep in mind that US Citizens are generally entitled to a $101,300 (as of 2016) exclusion of taxable income if they teach abroad for at least 11 months of the year. Canadians, Australians, British citizens, and others also enjoy a variety of tax benefits while teaching abroad.


International schools were originally designed for the children of expatriates living overseas. Due to this many of the schools use the same curriculum and requirements US or British schools so that the intake of students as well as their return to their home country was a seamless as possible. In many countries it was illegal for host country nationals to send their children to these schools.


Teachers Latin America is here to put you in contact with schools that are looking for someone with your skillset or experience. By registering with Teachers Latin America, which is absolutely free for teachers, we put your CV in front of administrators that are looking for education professionals like yourself to fill critical positions in their schools.
Opportunities abound for young teachers fresh out of university, teachers looking to gain more experience, to accomplished professionals wanting to break into administration or work with international curriculum!

So are you ready for the adventure of international teaching in Latin America?


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