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Full Time ESL Teacher - Mexico City, Toluca, Puebla (various start dates)

04/11/17 13:08
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Job Type:
Full Time
Start Date:

Various Start Dates during the year

Job Description

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Profesional Profile

  • English Level: CAE, CPE or equivalent (IELTS 7.5 or higher) (If you are non-native speaker of English)
  • English Metodology: CELTA, TRINITY, TESOL, Teacher Course
  • Formal Education: Degree (Desirable in English teaching or related to education)
  • Experience: At least 3 years giving classes to students at any level and age.

Personal Profile

  • Available for variable hours
  • Responsible
  • Excellent interpersonal skills
  • Organized
  • Adherence to standards
  • Enthusiastic
  • Customer Service Oriented
  • Teamwork Oriented


Compensation and Benefits

  • HOURS: Aprox 45 hrs per week that can be distributed as follows:  Monday – Friday between 7 am and 2:00 pm OR Monday - Friday 2 pm to 9 pm and Saturdays between 7:00 am and 4:00 pm. 
  • CONTRACT LENGTH:    One year (calendar) .
  • MONTHLY SALARY (Gross, before taxes):   $18,000 Mexican Currency   .
  • ACCOMODATION:  provided by The Anglo Mexican Foundation.
  • HEALTH COVERAGE:   Provided by The Anglo Mexican Foundation.
  • WORK VISA COST AND PROCEDURE: Visa is processed and covered by The Anglo Mexican Foundation. 
  • TRANSPORTATION TO AND FROM MEXICO:  One way ticket to Mexico provided. After the first year is finished teachers can choose between the return ticket or USD $ 750.00.

- Teachers are not allowed to work for a different school in the same location during the contract.

- Paid vacations:  4 weeks in September after 1 whole year of teaching it will be effective only if they renewed the following contract.

- Christmas bonus (Aguinaldo) 15 days per year.

- Food coupons:  10% of salary or up to 1,599.79 Mexican pesos, which ever applies first, in food coupons (vales de despensa) per month.

- Savings Plan:  13% of salary.  The Anglo retains 13% of salary every month and matches it. This is usually given in December and amounts to a 13% contract bonus.

Job Description

Responsible for facilitating the Anglo courses.  He/She must be in constant training by the internal Anglo programs or by another institution.

Routine Activities

Academic Area

  • To prepare a lesson plan for each class to be taught considering the following elements: Objective, Activities to do, Involvement of the students and the teacher in each activity, and Extra Activities in case something does not work as planned (DVD, recorder, materials, etc...)
  • To teach lessons according to the needs and level of each group (level and schedule)
  • Periodically consult the historical results of students in order to advise and provide fedback to the students and also to prepare subsequent classes to improve their development
  • To support students on academic issues, inside and outside the classroom for short periods
  • To attend periodical meetings in the school branch and at other school branches as the academic supervisor indicates
  • To attend training sessions as organised by the Academic Managers and/or internally by the school branch
  • To talk to students and their relatives about academic issues

Administrative Area

  • To personally attend to the students' development by having short conversations and/or setting extra work or materials in order to facilitate their learning.  This could result in a longer stay of the students with the school branch.
  • Attendance control according to the policies of the Anglo
  • To report student grades
  • To hand in attendance lists and gradesheets to the Academic Supervisor together with all documents related to the Anglo courses and classes assigned to the teacher
  • To protect the equipment and materials under the care of the teacher used for all classes (books, CDs, didactic materials, recorders, DVD players, extra materials, videocassettes, dictionaries, etc...)

Periodical Activities

  • To administer placement tests to potential students
  • To inform the Academic Supervisor in a timely manner about students who are falling behind or are having specific problems, in order to make sure something can be done for the student
  • To administer End of Term Exams outside class time to students who do not complete them during a course
  • To control, organise, and handle course exams
  • To cooperate with Academic Supervision in administrative activities such as: photocopying materials, administering exams and selection interviews to the teacher course candidates
  • To enter grades into the Anglo's database (SAE)
  • To organize, deliver, and receive course materials to/from teachers
  • To replace other teacher classes according to the needs of the Academic Supervisor
  • To do remedial sessions with students.  These sessions are planned and organized solely by the Academic Supervisor
  • To observe English classes taught by other teachers and sometimes provide feedback to these teachers when asked by the supervisor or manager


Start Date

Various start dates




How to Apply

Through this website, apply directly

About the School

The Anglo Mexican Foundation

The Anglo Mexican Foundation is recognized as one of the most important not for profit educational organizations in Mexico. Its main activities are linked to English language teaching, examinations and teacher training, formal education and social contribution in the form of cultural activities and scholarships for teachers of English. The foundation has been active in Mexico for over 70 years.Since it opened in 1998, The Churchill School has had a highly qualified teaching team which is in permanent training. In 2003, Churchill College opened as the logical continuation of the success achieved at the School, offering international and personalized education with study programs given in English. Their main goal is to successfully form students who can overcome challenges in their future lives. The programmes seek to prepare students to study independently, think critically, work in teams, take advantage of technology and master the English language. One of the key elements in the philosophy of the College is the desire to “open doors” for the future by providing graduates with as many skills and recognized certifications as possible. 


The Anglo Mexican Foundation is a not for profit but self-sustaining organisation, which through its educational and cultural activities, creates outstanding opportunities for individuals within a British-Mexican context.


At present, The Anglo, as part of The Anglo Mexican Foundation, continues its successful tradition of 70 years providing English courses with the highest standards of international quality. Additionally, it offers diverse educational services through its specialized units: the International Exam Center, Consultancy: Academic Services and Teacher Training.

Vision of The Anglo

As a member of The Anglo Mexican Foundation, The Anglo aspires to be the leading provider in personalized, high quality language courses and English teacher training in Mexico with a British approach. The Anglo's products and services are given by highly qualified expert teachers, and the results are certificates for internationally recognized external exams. 

In order to guarantee high standards and the establishment of continual improvement, 
The Anglo maintains their position at the forefront of the best English Language Teaching practices.

Each one of our different organizational growth strategies is carefully planned and based on the development of the human talent that feeds the organization. The Anglo always endeavors to make a meaningful social contribution as well as to create opportunities through cultural activities and its scholarship programs.

Professional Support

The quality of services that The Anglo offers is supported by: 

Highly qualified teachers, all of whom are certified internationally in English and in Teaching Methods. 

Academic programs that focus on the development of the four English language skills: listening, speaking, reading and writing, and they take the students from a basic level to a proficient level that is equivalent to that of a native speaker. 

The Anglo's International Exam Center is the biggest in Latin America and the most experienced in Mexico in the application of Cambridge English Language Assessment exams from the University of Cambridge in the United Kingdom, authorized since 1960.

Mexico City, Puebla, Toluca

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