Teachers Latin America


Teachers Latin America puts you in contact with schools that are looking for someone with your skillset or experience. By registering with Teachers Latin America, which is absolutely free for teachers, we put your CV in front of administrators that are looking for education professionals like yourself to fill critical positions in their schools. Opportunities abound for young teachers fresh out of university, teachers looking to gain more experience, to accomplished professionals wanting to break into administration or work with an international curriculum.


Latin American schools hold many education employment opportunities because of steady growth in the region. Many types of curriculum are used in bilingual and international schools from US, the UK, France, and Germany as well as the fast-growing International Baccalaureate (IBO). Also, because Latin America attracts many young teachers, opportunities abound to get experience in a new curriculum or as an administrator. These experiences will serve you well whether you decide to go back to your country of origin or you seek adventure teaching in other international schools around the world.